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Tag: vim

Vim Configuration from Minimal to Complete

From a configuration that works on low-resource, restricted permissions environments, to a complete configuration… And from almost scratch. Because I like to know what’s in my .vimrc. TL;DR the final vimrc and at the different steps is in this repository, with tags for each step. Vim rocks 🤘! And recent plugins can make it really great for coding, most notably using Conquer of Completion with NodeJS, that has a bunch of extensions for a lot of languages using the Language Server Protocol.

vim and ocaml (workaround for Dark)

Vim has always been hard to set up, and more so with OCaml. Here, I’ll show you a workaround on how to configure vim for it, and as a bonus, how to prepare it to contribute to Dark. Lexicon A New Beginning For some reason, I had it working on my old laptop, but getting the exact same OCaml version and vimrc on my new one gets me a bunch of errors, hence the workaround: I am confident that I’ll make it work someday, but for now we’ll do a new vimrc and put back stuff from the old one.

Authoring with Vim

The REAL writing, not code writing 😆. This post reflects only the thoughts of its author, Thomas Alcala. If you don’t know vim, I recommend trying Vim Adventures, a game-like vim tutorial. Introduction It was already the case before with tools like WordPress, but with the surge of headless CMS, serverless platforms, JAMstack, Wix, writing and publishing your own blog is easier than ever. There’s a lot of value in browser editors too (the famous WYSIWYG, What You See Is What You Get) that let users click text formatting buttons, and the HTML code is generated for them.