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Tag: ocaml

vim and ocaml (workaround for Dark)

Vim has always been hard to set up, and more so with OCaml. Here, I’ll show you a workaround on how to configure vim for it, and as a bonus, how to prepare it to contribute to Dark. Lexicon A New Beginning For some reason, I had it working on my old laptop, but getting the exact same OCaml version and vimrc on my new one gets me a bunch of errors, hence the workaround: I am confident that I’ll make it work someday, but for now we’ll do a new vimrc and put back stuff from the old one.

OCaml Development on Windows

Some statements We all have our own constraints when it comes to development tooling, so we compromise. In my case, I like Linux and Mac OS, but I often have to work on Windows. It’s no secret that Windows sucks for development, specially for modern web development. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) helps a lot, but it has its limits. OCaml is no exception on Windows sucking for development, the installation build breaks even on WSL, that’s what we’ll fix today.