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Tag: blogging

Simple Microblogging: Dark API

A simple intro to Dark and Svelte, building a simplified Twitter-like microblog. Lexicon Dark Also known as Darklang (the SEO term), it’s a deployless backend with its own functional programming language and editor. Svelte A Server-Side Generated (SSG) JavaScript framework that is fast and elegant. 🐇 Into the Rabbit Hole Here’s what we are doing: Design a simplified version of Twitter, where users can post tweets, follow/unfollow others, and is able to see the 10 most recent tweets in the user’s news feed.

Authoring with Vim

The REAL writing, not code writing 😆. This post reflects only the thoughts of its author, Thomas Alcala. If you don’t know vim, I recommend trying Vim Adventures, a game-like vim tutorial. Introduction It was already the case before with tools like WordPress, but with the surge of headless CMS, serverless platforms, JAMstack, Wix, writing and publishing your own blog is easier than ever. There’s a lot of value in browser editors too (the famous WYSIWYG, What You See Is What You Get) that let users click text formatting buttons, and the HTML code is generated for them.