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Convert an Express NodeJS App From JavaScript to TypeScript

Hi! 🖖 Today, I’ll walk us through moving an Express NodeJS app from JavaScript to TypeScript. Why? TypeScript offers type safety “on demand”, most of the code won’t break if you move your app from one to the other, and then, you can add the safety where it is important. How We are going to start from a fork of Kent C. Dodds' Express example for mid-large apps. I made a branch called javascript as a starter.

Deno Version Management

Logo © Samip Poudel Deno is really nice! Version managers are nice too, they offer a way to have several versions of a runtime, dependencies installed at a user level, without breaking system runtime if any. Here we will use one version manager to install the Deno runtime 😀. Lexicon Deno Deno is a JavaScript/TypeScript runtime that can replace NodeJS, with the aim to be more secure. Deno Runtime Installation Standard Installation There are a bunch of scripts to install the Deno runtime in the official documentation, depending on your operating system.