It's Alive!

... And it took really very few time, a couple of hours maybe. Man I love Gatsby, React, Netlify, GraphQL, Reason, etc. The Reason integration took a little more time, but really that's because I'm new to it.

There is a topic here in the ReasonReact documentation that's very helpful to add ReasonReact components to an app that uses ReactJS, like Gatsby.

Since with Gatsby, every file is an independant page, component, layout, it has to use the default export in JS, and in ReasonReact, it looks like let default = ReasonReact.wrapReasonForJs(...) at the end of the module file.


We're at a nice moment in tech. There are a bunch of platforms providing serverless for free or very cheap. Same with a bunch of other services.

Techs in the Same Space

This stack uses:

  • Netlify | Awesome CMS for serverless apps
  • Gatsby and React | Great single page apps frameworks
  • Reason | Beautiful type safe language that compiles to JavaScript
  • GraphQL | Craaaazy database query layer

SImilar techs:

If you are interested in similar stuff

  • Now | Serverless apps deployment
  • Surge | Ditto
  • Elm | Another languace compiling to JavaScript