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This Guy

I am a French/Mexican father, full stack developer, CTO @ EEVET, usually working with MEAN/MERN, LEMP/LAMP (the P stands for Python, mostly) and serverless stacks. Some Machine Learning. Some Startups.

My Vim, Neovim configurations and shell profiles for bash, zsh and fish are getting refined as hell. Those are my main tools.

Always learning!! Sometimes teaching.

This Project

This is going to be my personal blog and sandbox. It’s currently built with Svelte and Sapper, and deployed on Netlify with some neat Continuous Deployment. The blog works nicely with NetlifyCMS and netlify as CI/CD.

Used to be Gatsby/React. Part of it was written in Reason(ML) and ReasonReact. I wrote an article about why I switched to Svelte.

Those Technologies

This kind of developer is enabled by…

  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Vim, Neovim, Oni, with MacVim, Spacevim and vimR too (different flavors, different projects)
  • Kitty, iTerm2, Hyper
  • Go Fish!! (the fish shell), zsh, bash
  • Svelte, React, Angular
  • Reason, Typescript, Javascript
  • Ruby, Python, sometimes PHP
  • Cool free or cheap deployment hosts and tools
  • The internet, nice tech news, podcasts, GitHub subscription and discovery, to stay informed